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In 2003, Norton's Restorations was recognized with an award from Dallas's premier resource for decor, furnishings, service and shopping, DHome Magazine.  In the Best of Everything issue we were given the title of "Best Old Time Revival" for the restoration work being done, on one of Dallas's most influential families heirloom, a Chickering Grand Piano.  View it in our Gallery

Quoted from DHome Magazine 2003

The Best of Everything Issue
Repair & Restoration
Best Old Time Revival
Norton's Restorations

"Authenticity is the hallmark of this period furniture restorer.  Though Mr. Norton works on some pieces that are not, strictly speaking, antique, he prefers to revive those that are at least 100 years old.  He restores the old-fashioned way, employing techniques and materials in use 200 to 300 years ago.  Case in point: an original Chickering piano made in the late 1800s, right after M. Chickering was presented with the Legionnaire's award by Napoleon.  This incredible piece, now being lovingly refurbished by Mr. Norton, is the first grand piano that ever crossed the Mississippi."  DHome

For the Record
With the help of modern technology, we have expanded our services, into digital documentation.  We can provide you with a CD of before, during and after, high resolution pictures.  Digital photos are invaluable for conservation records, insurance purposes and posterity.  Please notify us in advance if you would like to have detailed digital documentation. Contact us.