Our Services

We specialize in the restoration of period furniture and antiques, made between ca. 1600 - ca. 1900.  We cover all aspects of restoration, from museum quality conservation, to partial and complete restoration, repairs, finishing and refurbishing.  Preservation treatment for  beetles and worms, dry rot, water damage and mold.  Repairs, refurbishing and refinishing.  Fine woodwork, carving, inlay, veneering, gold leafing (oil & water), finishes, ornamentation, ormolu, mounts, hardware, locks, keys, and leather.  Our materials, techniques and tools are the same as those used for over 300 years.  Specifically, traditional hand tools, hot hide glue, shellac and wax.

French Polishing
French Polishing is an early 1800's process of applying shellac to wood.  Building a finish of unsurpassed durability and restorative properties.  Proven by over 200 years of use.   It is without a doubt, the most prestigious, beautiful and lasting finish, you will ever see or hear, on fine furniture, pianos, stringed instruments, libraries or any woodwork.  We have mastered these skills, and French Polished all that is mentioned and many that are not.  View our Gallery  Please inquire if you have any questions.  Contact Us

Experience Matters
Having restored hundreds of pieces of antique furniture and wooden artifacts, our experience and continual research ensure the highest quality of service.  We work closely with each individual client, to understand their needs and budget, explaining all options available.  Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Fine Furniture, Reproductions & Architectural Millwork
Our distinguished craftsmanship is in the antique reproductions and fine furniture we make.  The making, assembly and special detail for each project, is done by expert hands in the 18th century tradition.  We can design or build to suit, traditional and contemporary styles of furniture. Or, if you need a special modification to a period antique, for any purpose, we can do it, and do it well.  View our Gallery

We also do cabinetry and millwork.  Here is some of the custom woodwork we have done, arches,  barley twists, molding, raised panels, columns, cabinets, bookshelves, display cases, doors and windows.  Contact us with any questions or specifications for  pricing.

"Waxing Preservation" (Our exclusive On Site Service)
For hundred of years, waxing has preserved our wood furniture and fine finishes. It is with great pride we can now offer this service to a broader range of exclusive clientele. The elegance of traditional waxing is brought to your home, restoring the rich luster of your fine furniture. Nothing enhances the beauty and patina, or keeps the value of antique furniture better than this time honored tradition and proven method. We will conveniently come to your home with professionally qualified personnel, to prepare and wax your furniture or woodwork on site. Minor repairs and touch up can be done as well.

What a great service for fine homes, office buildings and hotels.  For more details and  a brochure, please Contact us.

Shipping and Storage
We can provide pick up and delivery services for your convenience.  All items are carefully stored in our climate controlled warehouse.  We serve Texas, the continental United States and International, please call or email us for details.  Contact us